DEZEN merges fashion, technology and sustainability

DEZEN ensures sustainability by using renewable, plant-based, petroleum free materials with zero-waste local production to lessen its carbon footprint and impact on the planet as much as possible.

Based in San Francisco, DEZEN merges fashion, technology, and sustainability from design to production to shipping with zero plastic, fair trade certified packaging. Be a part of DEZEN’s color parade by joining us while giving back to the planet and closing the Loop.

DEZEN is an innovative fashion accessories brand for the eco-conscious generation, following the circular design principles, at DEZEN we design future infused accessories. 100% Planet-friendly.


We are an eclectic team of artistic, engineering, and marketing talents with a focus on the intersection of design and technology. We are motivated by pushing boundaries for ethical fashion and redefine fashion accessories with a new, green mindset.


While definitely being influenced by the local tech scene in Silicon Valley, we infuse a great deal of creativity and beauty into each design thanks to Dilek’s background in couture fine jewelry and her team’s artful eyes.

At DEZEN, we believe doing good is looking good



About Dilek

As an interdisciplinary designer with an award-winning career in luxury market Dilek Sezen has been focusing on incorporating technology in to her art over half-decade. Her contemporary art degree and keen understanding of how technology has forever changed design, manufacturing of fashion, art and everyday items, she showcases the cross-curricular design approach by juxtaposing luxury, technology and circular design principles at DEZEN



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