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Beyond the traditional facemask design, DEZEN team is proud to introduce a mask to express individuality while having a sleek, stylish and tailored look with a customizable fit. 

While the mask’s primary purpose is to prevent the spread of COVID, we at DEZEN wanted to channel the positive spirits and meaning that masks have evoked over centuries as part of rituals and theaters in many cultures. 

DEZEN facemask is our commitment to sustainability and being circular, just like our earrings. We can protect each other while being 100% Planet-Friendly.


Be part of the world of mindful luxury made in San Francisco.

DEZEN is an innovative fashion accessories brand for the eco-conscious generation to make you look good, feel good, and do good.

Be a part of DEZEN’s color parade by collecting and re-using fashion forward accessories while giving  back to the planet and closing the Loop.


We are an eclectic team of artistic, engineering, and marketing talents with a focus on the intersection of design and technology motivated by pushing boundaries for ethical fashion.

We re-define fashion accessories with a new green mindset. DEZEN’s colorful pieces made of plant-based resin will put you in an aura of goodness. At DEZEN, we believe doing good is looking good.



Fashion is the world’s second largest polluter after oil and gas. As a fashion brand, we take eco-consciousness seriously. We create smart solutions fit for a new fashion system.


Fashion products travel vast distances around the globe, often too slow to capitalize on fashion trends causing large amounts of waste. With our in-house designers and circular production system we cut down production waste to zero.


Jewelry has been produced the same way for generations. By simplifying supply chains and using the beautiful materials from earth without harming the planet we are changing the traditional approach to jewelry design. 

Plant-based and recyclable materials used from renewable resources.

Designed and made in San Francisco.

Using technology to create zero waste circular designs.

Renowned world class in-house designers.

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