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Hoop earrings and why we RE-designed them

Hoop earrings are one of the oldest fashion trends alive and a staple of many cultures. It continues to evolve as both a fashion accessory and symbol of strength. Our take on the hoop earrings aims to bring a new perspective on the centuries old accessory and issues like fashion's impact on the planet. We merge circularity and gender-neutral style through innovative design, technology and renewable materials to create a New Kind of Hoop for the eco-conscious generation. At DEZEN we believe doing good is looking good.

No Seasonal Collections No Sale

We are a zero-waste brand who produce locally, that means we don't have wasteful practices like overseas shipment, high quantity production in order to get the lower market price, therefor we’ve decided to stop practicing sale. We believe products should always have a fair price for the consumer, the retailers and the people who make them.

We focus on good design and the expression of color, so you can create your own unique look with DEZEN whether wearing timeless essentials like a Little Black Dress, All-White Sneakers or a Tan Coat and anything else...

History / Fun facts
    This Trend Has Been Around Since 2500 BC..
              • The oldest earrings discovered belong to a Sumerian woman who lived in Mesopotamia 2500 BC around the same time some of the first people had hoops were along the river Nile, Nubia civilization in Africa
                • In Egypt around 1500 BCE, both women, men and the most sacred animal cats wore hoops
                • Early doctors believed that earrings cured headaches and improved eyesight
                • They were given to young sailors to commemorate their first crossing of the equator or Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of South America
                • Fast-forwarding about a century, hoop earrings became synonymous with female empowerment during the ‘60s and ‘70s and were the accessory of choice to make a statement especially became a symbol for strength, resistance, and unity among communities of color, exhibited at MoMA's Is Fashion Modern? in 2017
                • As the youngest woman ever in congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez choose hoops for the oath ceremony in 2019, later addressed the look in a powerful tweet: “Next time someone tells Bronx girls to take off their hoops, they can just say they’re dressing like a Congresswoman”
                     ..And Never Ever Become Unfashionable



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