Q: What makes DEZEN unique?

We are a pioneer in being one of the few circular fashion accessory brands.   Our mission is to create beautiful pieces that respond to the fashion sense and individuality that today’s customers are looking for but in a manner that is respectful to the earth and the people who work with us.

DEZEN follows circular design principles by using environmentally friendly plant-based materials that are petroleum free, renewable and safe. 

DEZEN also ensures sustainability by both designing and manufacturing all its pieces in the US with zero-waste manufacturing practices and minimal carbon footprint.

DEZEN accessories are individually made and as a result natural variations in the making of bio-based resin pieces creates unique texture on each piece.


Q: Do Plant based resin accessories feel different when you wear them?

Yes. Our renewable plant based materials are incredibly light, making your pieces feeling weightless! You can wear our pieces all day long and forget they are even on.  Beautiful jewelry doesn’t have to be painful.

Q: How often do you drop new designs?

We will be dropping new styles frequently following latest fashion trends. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates.

Q: How long will your volumes be available?

Our products are only available for a limited time. Once we create a new Volume we phase out the prior Volume.  

Because we are a circular company, we do not create excess inventory therefore our items are never discounted. We may offer occasional exclusive promotions for special holidays or events, but never discounted.


Q: What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

We reduce our carbon footprint in many ways, starting with using the renewable plant based resin materials to create our accessories. These materials, which were once another form, have been engineered for us to use.  In essence, they are getting a new life.  We use cutting-edge technology to create our products, making it possible to have a pollution-free manufacturing environment.  Additionally, we design and create all of our products in the US, reducing the travel time and distance our products have to go to reach our customers.


Q: What is an ethically produce product?

Ethical products emphasize the importance of taking into account the full lifecycle of the products - from the design, sourcing, and production processes - and looks at everyone and everything affected by it, from the environment, to the employees and the communities where the products are being produced.

Q: Is your packaging eco-friendly?

We use 100% plastic-free packaging.  All of DEZEN’s packaging comes from vendors with a similar philosophy to us.  Our boxes, envelopes and tissue are made from recycled post-consumer paper.  Our pouches are made of organic unbleached cotton and certified by fair trade labor standards.  Our clear bags are plant-based and biodegradable. We believe in sustainability from start to finish. 



Q: Where do you ship in the US?

We offer shipping to the contiguous United States through this web store. If you need items shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or US territories, please contact us with the form below.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

We ship from San Francisco within 48 hours of you placing your order. (Except for items noted otherwise.) Please be aware that the shipping days do not include our confirmation processing time. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

We are unable to accept international orders at this time.

Q: How do I make returns?

You have 21 days from your ship date to return products which must be in new condition and original packaging.  Your refund will be credited to the original form of payment used to make the purchase.



Q: How do I take care of my DEZEN accessories?

Our products are made with plant-resin and gold-plated metal pieces. Due to the organic nature of the materials our accessories are both soft and porous. Do not wash them. Do not use ammonia, acetone or any other chemical solutions and avoid contact with moisture and liquid cosmetics, including lotion, sunscreen and perfume. Keep products away from scratching, banging, and chemicals of all kinds, swimming pools, hot tubs, extreme temps, and intense sunlight. Remove jewelry before doing gardening, cleaning, household repairs, swimming, bathing, taking a shower or any strenuous activities.

It should only be wiped clean with a damp cloth without rubbing and let it air dry. Store it separately. This piece is susceptible to scratches and breakage. Handle with care.

Our products are meant for wearing. They should not be used as children’s toys and could be a choking hazard.



Q: What is the Encircle Program?

Coming soon – stay tuned.  This will be an insider program for our customers and us to work together to close the loop.



“A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.” 

- The Ellen MacArthur Foundation


Q: What does circular design mean?

At DEZEN we have designed our entire process to be aligned with circular principles.  From the material we use, to our production, to the end-of-life program we offer our customers, we have fully embraced circular design, creating a zero-waste process and an ethical supply chain. 

Our mission is to create beautiful pieces that respond to the fashion sense customers are looking for in a process that is respectful to the earth and the people who work with us.

When we design our accessories, we incorporate fashion trends and style using the materials that are best suited for creating the look, while also being safe for our customers and for our planet.  We design the products in such a way at the end of their life we can separate the pieces into their various parts, and then redesign.



Q: What's your relationship with 1% For The Planet?

In addition to being committed to circular design and using materials that are respectful to maintaining our planet we pledge to donate one percent of all of our sales to 1% for the Planet.

We believe maintaining our planet and how we conduct our business needs to align with our responsibility to maintain the resources and health of the planet.


“The intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.” 

- Yvon Chouinard in his book Let My People go Surfing


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