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DEZEN creates zero-waste sustainable jewelry but recently released its first biodegradable and recyclable masks.


August 6, 2020                                                        Contact: 415.810.1002

Embrace mindful luxury with DEZEN, a new San Francisco-based fashion forward brand for the eco- conscious generation. DEZEN creates unique, nature-inspired fashion accessories using a circular model, helping consumers to look good, feel good, and do good.

Founded by couture jewelry designer and artist Dilek Sezen, DEZEN came from Dilek’s desire to change the whole understanding of how we create fashion accessories.

“During my personal journey in the fine jewelry industry, I saw how our industry became disconnected from the ever-changing world we live in,” says Dilek. “I questioned the nearly disposable nature of fashion and accessories and wanted to design and create products that would help close the loop and connect us to the earth and each other.”

DEZEN produces zero-waste sustainable jewelry but recently released its first biodegradable and recyclable masks. As face masks have become essential to our daily routine, DEZEN created their own mask that goes beyond the traditional design and expresses positivity while having a sleek, stylish and tailored look with a customizable fit. Similar to their earrings, these face masks are DEZEN’s commitment to sustainability, zero-waste, and being a circular fashion brand. Each mask is individually made in San Francisco with certified 100% organic cotton and includes the unique Helios hardware elements designed in-house with plant-based resin.

Adhering to circular principles, DEZEN uses safe, renewable materials, like petroleum- free resin (a lightweight and natural material) and keeps production as local as possible to lessen its carbon footprint and impact on the planet. Based in San Francisco, DEZEN merges fashion, technology, and sustainability from design to production to packaging. While definitely being influenced by the local tech scene, DEZEN infuses a great deal of creativity and beauty into each design thanks to Dilek’s background in fine jewelry and her team’s artful eye. In June 2020 DEZEN was highlighted as one of the forward thinking Innovative Products by SF Design Week.

Prices for DEZEN fashion accessories range from $48 to $88.

DEZEN is motivated by pushing boundaries for ethical fashion and redefines fashion accessories with a new, green mindset. With DEZEN’s accessories, you will feel yourself wrapped in goodness while giving back to the planet and closing the loop.



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