Wear The Future with Digital Fashion DEZEN Hoops

If you’re wondering what digital fashion is or maybe you’re already an expert, either way DEZEN hoops are now available digitally through Snapchat Lenses and Snap Camera. You can wear our hoops during your next Google Meet or Zoom meeting without leaving your chair. You can even change colors during the meeting to see if your co-workers are paying attention!


With more and more people working away from the office and participating in virtual meetings it’s easier than ever to dress up without actually dressing up. The AR (Augmented Reality) filters are a great way to change your look without having to buy more things. It’s also a great way to test fashion items to see if you truly like an item before buying a physical piece. And an easy way to wear more colors than you own.

DEZEN is a circular fashion company, and our mission is to ensure that we do our part in the fashion industry to reduce the carbon footprint. Our products already have a low impact and one of the lowest carbon footprints because of the proprietary technology we use. Our hoop earrings have a carbon footprint 5.5 lower than the traditionally made comparable hoop earring. We see digital fashion and technologies like AR supporting our efforts in making fashion more planet-friendly.

Fashion is one of the largest contributors to the climate change crisis contributing almost 10% of global carbon emissions (which is more than aviation and shipping combined) and 85% of clothing ending up in the landfill giving off methane. In addition to using large amounts of diminishing resources such as water and contributing to 20% of global wastewater.

Some of the most harmful impacts from fashion come from brands having to predict what will be in fashion. When their predictions are incorrect there are thousands of tons of inventory that end up in the landfill or incinerated. Unfortunately, 66 percent of discarded clothes end up in landfills each year, and another 19 percent are incinerated, according to a 2018 Environmental Protection Agency report. With a growing population and global resources in jeopardy the current way of linear production is not possible.

“In the last twenty years, the volume of clothes Americans throw away has doubled from 7 million to 14 million tons. That equals 80 pounds per person per year.” Author Dana Thomas, "Fashionopolis."

Digital fashion is one way that can help reduce the environmental harms of physical fashion. It allows brands to test designs before producing them and only producing popular designs in a quantity that matches demand. It also allows customers to have the ability to have an expanded wardrobe without purchasing physical items and reduce the amount of fast fashion that is purchased (which has nearly doubled in the last two decades). In other words, it can help with overproduction and over-consumption!

By combining the physical and digital options DEZEN is a phygital brand that can easily move between the two and balance demand and resources.  To produce our physical products, we have restructured the entire process from design to production to collecting back our pieces for disassembly therefore avoiding the landfill and re-using, recycling, or composting the materials used in our designs. For our digital presence we have developed AR filters on Snapchat that can be used on the app and using Snap Camera users can wear our pieces on live chats and video chats. We will continue to add more products and experiment with new designs.

Augmented Reality Filter for DEZEN behind the scenes


We are also building our presence in some of the Metaverse platforms so users can have an interactive experience and learn more about the circular economy, climate change, sustainability, our DEZEN brand, and have access to both our physical and digital products. Stay tuned and follow us to keep updated!

We believe in the near future most people will have a hybrid wardrobe.

Creating a hybrid wardrobe with a mix of digital fashion and high-quality circular designs will be the best alternative to the current fashion item that on average is only worn 7 times and contributes to being one of the largest polluters and waste generators on the planet.

You can begin your hybrid wardrobe with our DEZEN Hoops open Snapchat – and use the QR code below to access Hoop earrings – with a choice of some of our most popular colors Desert Mesa, Scarlet Affair, Golden Galaxy, and Juicy Grapefruit which won 2 awards from IDA for Sustainability and Accessory/Jewelry!


If you’d like to use it on your next online meeting, follow these simple steps:


  1. Download Snap Camera if you don’t already have it.
  2. Open Snap Camera
  3. Search DEZEN
  4. Choose your favorite color Golden Galaxy, Desert Mesa, Scarlet Affair, or award-winning Juicy Grapefruit
  5. Open Zoom, Google Meet, etc.
  6. In the Settings change your camera to Snap Camera
  7. And you’re accessorized and ready to go!


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